Where are the HighKey straps manufactured?
All straps are proudly hand-made in Southern California, USA. All materials are purchased in the US and hand-assembled right here in Southern California.

What is the warranty on my new camera strap? 101% Guaranteed Satisfaction!
All straps have a lifetime warranty. That's right. So long as you didn't take a pair of scissors to them, the strap remains under our guarantee. If there's a manufacturing error, or it seriously wears out (but not just gets dirty or beat up... that's just  added character), simply send it back to us and we'll send you a new one!

How long are HighKey camera straps?

The 'main' part of HighKey straps are approximately 24" in length, with about 15" adjustable leads on each end. (Very similar to the dimensions of the stock strap that came with your camera... the one that is ready to retire.)

Will HighKey straps fit my camera?
The portion that attaches to your camera is 3/8 inch wide. This length is adjustable, but if you're unsure of the width of the slot, cut a small piece of paper measured to 3/8 inch wide and see if it fits through the slots. You can also measure the width of your current strap.  Please email us with any questions, and we'll be glad to help you!

Can HighKey straps get wet?

Here's the deal, yes, the straps can get wet, but your expensive camera shouldn't be getting wet in the first place.  Just remember... your camera body shouldn't be around moisture because there are sensitive electronics working inside.  That said, since you're already keeping your camera dry, your camera strap will most likely be dry all the time too, right?

How do I care for my camera strap?
Your HighKey can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and warm water.  Please do not place them in the dryer, and do not use detergents/bleach or iron any part of your strap.

I can't decide which HighKey strap I want :(
That's alright!  You're not alone.  Like clothes, most people don't settle on just one pair, and the same goes for HighKey.  If you're like us, you can buy a different strap for each day of the week.  If you're not that extreme, you can order just a few straps.

Will HighKey camera straps easily slip off my shoulder?
Answer: Nope!  The underside of all straps are lined with a textured, non-slip material for stability and comfort.  We've magnified the texture so you can see how cool it is.  Check this out:
It's like gecko feet
I just received my HighKey strap, but it didn't come in any packaging.  Why?
We're just doing our part to save the planet's resources. For every box or bag we make to package products in, it just uses precious resources unnecessarily.  We assume that you don't mind receiving your strap just the way it is.  :)

Is it safe to run with scissors?